The next generation of linoleum.

After recently reading a copy of Archidea magazine, the topic of linoleum and it's many forms came up. Marmoleum is Forbo Flooring's brand of linoleum and is the world leader in this type of flooring. It is a natural floor as well as the most sustainable in the resilient flooring category. Forbo flooring products are now installed in over 125 different countries, in offices and public buildings, in commercial and financial buildings, military accommodation and residential settings.

The latest collection, "The Next Generation of Linoleum", offers the natural floor covering in a variety of colours and designs. The Touch range consists of embossed and textured surfaces. The Ohmex range actually improves electrical conductivity. The Corklinoleum range brings a relaxing touch to every room with its comfortable nature.

Archidea showcased some of the projects that have used Marmoleum, including an Irish one.

Waterford Regional Hospital: Marmoleum, Nuway Tufitgard Entrance System with design cut tree logo.

An interesting example of the lineoleum was its use in the Medizinische Lesehall (Medical Reading Room) at Ludwig-Maximilans-Univeritat in Munich. The goal of its recent renovation was to incorporate old historical references but use them in a contemporary way. The floor covering used is a light beige linoleum which has also been used on the tabletops. The edges and inner surfaces have a walnut veneer finish, a reference to the natural wood edging in the original design. The idea was to achieve a continuum between the table and floor finishes, to have an uninterrupted transition. Therefore Walton Uni Marmoleum was used in both instead of desktop brand furniture linoleum on the table tops. 

Forbo's Marmoleum was also the first choice for Modez Mode & Design Hotel in the Netherlands. Dutch fashion illustrator Piet Paris was art director for this hotel and had 30 designers design different rooms for the hotel. When choosing the floor, Paris said, “There must be something to see when looking down, as well as at eye height. A hotel floor also has to withstand wear and tear, and we were keen to revive craftsmanship and natural materials as core concepts. So using Forbo’s Marmoleum was a logical choice.” The Unexpected Nature series was the main flooring used.

Lucy Kiernan



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