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New Collections From Osborne & Little & Lorca

Martin - Hudson & Gibson Ltd. are delighted to introduce to you the new Spring 2016 collections from Osborne & Little & Lorca!   Firstly, we'll look at Osborne & Little's new Spring 2016 ' Fantasque ' range of fabrics & wallpapers... This collection of nine abstract and geometric designs pays homage to the cultural and artistic movements of the early 20th century and we believe them to have a certain Art Deco feel to them. The name of the collection, Fantasque, comes from La Boutique Fantasque (The Magic Toyshop), a ballet by Massine (1919) that was to be accompanied by piano music by Rossini.  When you're done reading our blog, listen to the music here! The gloriously abstract and geometric pattens seen in this collection portray the cultural and artistic movements of that era. The papers are printed on the non-woven easy-to-hang base, several of which have companion designs in the fabric collections.

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